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Society of Jesus Christ the Priest

The Society of Jesus Christ the Priest is a religious nonprofit organization dedicated to foster vocations to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. It does so by organizing activities that promote a better understanding among young people of Catholic doctrine.


Education in charity and faith is essential in the mission of the SJCP. In 2016, the SJCP founded Shoreless Lake School in Wisconsin. The main goals of the education offered at SLS are:

Work Ethic

To instill in students a work ethic that exemplifies the beauty of using their talents, skills, and intellects to their fullest capacity, and propounds work to be a partnership with and a product of love for God.

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Imitation of Christ

To invite young people to perfect within themselves the image of Jesus Christ by centering every aspect of their education in the fundamentals, ideals, and values of the Catholic Church.

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Spiritual Life

To encourage students to adopt a spiritual way of life which may lead them to Christ through the practice of prayer, the reception of the Sacraments, and the acceptance of spiritual guidance.

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115 Madison St

Sauk City, WI 53583

Tel. ‭(608) 370-3751‬

Email: fruiz@sjs.org.es

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